Rescue Repurpose Redeem (RRR) is working to provide sustainable, creative, and meaningful employment opportunities for individuals who have experienced chronic homelessness and live with disabilities. The venture will enhance the personal success and self worth of participants in addition to providing a supplemental income.

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RRR-GiftsHandmade One of a Kind Gifts

RRR generates income through the sale of rescued and repurposed items. Through the creative efforts of Program Artisans tote bags, pincushions, jewelry, billfolds, handmade note cards, and a variety of Christmas ornaments, including gift items are produced and sold. Each item is handmade and one of a kind.



It’s easy to support Rescue Repurpose Redeem and fund our social venture. By backing us or purchasing using Rally.Org, you can be one of our first investors and help our non-profit business get off the ground. Supporters receive exclusive rewards, including one of a kind handmade items and gifts created just for our funders. There are lots of ways to help, be a part of our team.

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All funds raised in the campaign will be re-invested into Rescue Repurpose Redeem.